Beach Towel - Flower -

Beach Towel - Flower -

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ONTHEROADSERVICE organic cotton Beach Towels are perfect for enveloping dogs and humans after enjoying in the ocean. Slowly made in Imabari, which has long been famous for producing towels in Japan. They are luxuary soft, well water absorption and heat retention because of the jacquard weave.



◾︎Collaboration Artist
An artist who loves surfing and oranges in Chigasaki, Japan.
She quit her job to pursue an artistic career. Questioning the abundance of material possessions in today's world, she expresses the beauty of being natural and unadorned. 

Organic Cotton 100%


◾︎Care Guide

  • Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, the pile has a longer length, so please be cautious of snagging.
  • We recommend using natural oil-based detergents.
  • Bleach should not be used.
  • There might be shedding or color fading caused by detergent, so please wash separately from other items.
  • Avoid using a hot dryer for drying.

  • 製法の特性上パイルの毛足が長くなっておりますので引っかかり等にご注意ください。
  • 天然油脂の洗剤のご使用をおすすめいたします。
  • 漂白剤はご使用いただけません。
  • 洗剤による毛羽落ちや色落ちが生じる場合がありますので、他のものと分けてお洗濯してください。
  • 高温による乾燥機の使用はお避けください。